A proposed project from the library may have been forgotten since the last time it was brought up a couple of months ago. This project was the Cartersville Library adding an outdoor stage on the property so that they could host outdoor events. The last time that this item went before any type of board or commission was on September 20th, 2022, at the Cartersville historic preservation commission. At that time Carmen Sims from the Bartow County Friends of the Library stated that the library had received funding from the Memorial Trust that would fund this project. At the time that this item was first presented to the Cartersville HPC it was stated that the space would not be used to host large gatherings and the frequency of events would be limited. During that previous meeting there was some public concern about traffic and noise that would be caused by the amphitheater, and this same concern was echoed at the recent Cartersville City Council meeting. A concerned citizen spoke to the council about his strong opposition to the matter, after the library had recently held a community meeting with the neighbors. The council and the city attorney then discussed if they had any authority to deny this item or if it would even have to come before them if it passed other boards and commissions. While at the time of this meeting no one knew for certain it was stated that the lease agreement with the city would be looked into to see how this proposed project would progress. It did appear that this item could be expected to show up on an agenda in the near future.