The new SK battery plant that will be built in Bartow County filed its development plan with the state of Georgia on Tuesday, according to an article published by the Rome News Tribune.

The article states that the initial report shows a campus covering 3.3 million square feet with construction ending in June of 2025. The plan will now go to the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission where the projects impact on western Bartow off 411 will be reviewed, along with all connecting services. Around 350 acres closer to the U.S. 411 will be the first part of the campus to see development. The plan estimates 4,000 vehicle trips per day along with a projected workforce of 3,500 when production gets going in just over two years.

There is already some preliminary grading ongoing as the site as it enters the review phase. The development report is quoted stating “The project proposes two full access drives and one right-in right-out drive. The two full access drives will be located at existing median breaks in (U.S.) 411. One of the two access drives will require a traffic signal.”

Richard Osborne the Bartow County zoning administrator said in the article that the property was previously zoned for a planned development but was changed to industrial about a year ago. Additional development on the more than 1,000 acres is expected to follow.