MOBILE, Ala. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District is reminding everyone to practice water and
boating safety while visiting USACE lakes. The upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend is traditionally one of the
busiest boating weekends of the year. Here are several tips to have a safe, fun, accident-free holiday:
 Wear Your Life Jacket! Accidents happen quickly, and often there isn’t time to put on a life jacket once an accident has
happened. Statistics consistently show that 80 percent of those who died in boating accidents were not wearing life
 Alcohol and Water Do Not Mix! Designate a Sober Operator. Almost half of all boating accidents involve alcohol.
 Check Your Lights! Before you leave the ramp or marina make sure your navigation lights are working properly.
 Learn to Swim! You never know when it might save your life.
 Swim in Designated Areas!
 Don’t Overload Your Boat. The number of seats available on board is not always the best indicator of capacity. Look
for the boat’s capacity plate or check the owner manual for safe operation.
 File a Float Plan! Let someone know where you are going and when you will return.
 Be Weather Wise! Pay attention to the day’s weather forecast and seek safe shelter immediately should a storm
threaten. And remember, lightning can strike and kill a boater even if a storm is still miles away.
 Watch Your Speed. With increased speed comes less reaction time when confronted with near miss/hit situations.
 Attach your emergency kill switch to yourself! In the event of a fall overboard, this will shut the engine off and
prevent the vessel from circling back on you.
 Keep a Sharp Lookout! Watch for other boaters and obstacles on the water.
 Know Before You Go! Operators should be familiar with the laws and safe boating practices prior to getting on the
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