WBHF ran a digital media campaign to promote the addition of our FM translator. As a one-thousand watt AM station, our coverage was substantially reduced at night. The FM 100.3 signal provides around the clock coverage for most of Bartow County, giving us the ability to better serve our community. Our campaign featured our “coming soon” sign at many iconic places and parts of our community that were not previously served by our AM signal at night. Each photo was captioned with a catch phrase like, “Flying Soon!” at the local airport. The twenty-seven photos used in the campaign were put on our website and pushed out to Facebook and Twitter over the month leading up to the launch of our FM signal. The entire campaign was done in-house, with our morning show host, Alan Sanders, taking the photographs and managing the social media campaign, and station manager, Matt Santini, helping to choose locations and captions as well as hold up the sign!

This campaign created the kind of excitement and awareness around our community that we were looking for leading up to the launch FM 100.3.