Mike Garcia and Kevin Pate enjoyed 15-4 weeks to lead the Week 8 Picks of the Week. Alan Sanders fell to third overall by going 14-5, while Matt Santini went 11-8, further distancing himself from the leaders. Will Mike continue his hot streak? Will anyone else emerge as a front-runner?

This week we see three high schools in action, with the WBHF Game of the Week being Cartersville traveling to Northwest Whitfield at 7:30 on Friday. Adairsville and Woodland also have contests this week. The Falcons are on a three-game skid, but will the home turf make a difference for the Dirty Birds?

Check out Picks of the Week throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday to see how the guys are doing!

mgarciaMike Garcia Kevin Pate Alan J. SandersAlan Sanders Matt SantiniMatt Santini
 (108-47)  (103-53)  (103-53)  (92-62)
New York Jets at New England          
Utah at Oregon State          
Adairsville at Lakeview-Ft. Ogelthorpe      
Cartersville at Northwest Whitfield  CartersvillePurpleHurricanesFBhelmet CartersvillePurpleHurricanesFBhelmet   CartersvillePurpleHurricanesFBhelmet   CartersvillePurpleHurricanesFBhelmet
Rome at Woodland          
#14 Kansas State at #11 Oklahoma          
#21 Texas A&M at #7 Alabama            
#15 Oklahoma State at #12 TCU            
Georgia Tech at North Carolina    Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (1978 - Pres)      Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (1978 - Pres)
Missouri at Florida            
#5 Notre Dame at #2 Florida State            
#23 Stanford at #17 Arizona State            
Atlanta at Baltimore            
Cincinnati at Indianapolis            
Miami at Chicago          
New Orleans at Detroit            
Kansas City at San Diego            
New York Giants at Dallas            
San Francisco at Denver            
Houston at Pittsburgh