Hot Wheels Matchbox cars valued at $1,650 were stolen from a storage
unit earlier this month.  The victim told investigators that 1,600
cars in original packaging were taken from B&B Storage in White
between February 21st and the 24th.

A local man is accused of a long list of charges including public
indecency.  Deputies arrested Lazarius Peeks in the Wal-mart Shopping
Center Thursday afternoon.  A woman told deputies that she saw a man
exposing himself.  She said, he was sitting in a red vehicle parked in
front of the Dollar Tree.  According to reports, the man left the area
but later returned.  He reportedly fled at a high rate of speed after
seeing the patrol car. Peeks was later apprehended and charged with
fleeing and attempting to elude, public indecency,driving without a
license and obstruction