This week’s expected rainfall could cause more problems for Cartersville and Bartow County.  Officials with the city of Cartersville say between 3 and 5 inches of rain fell between December 23rd and 25th.  They expect two and a half inches of rain to fall today and two inches to fall Wednesday.  Cartersville Public Works Director, Tommy Sanders says everything that  lands on the ground will run off; storm ditches, creeks, streams and pipes are not designed  for 100% run off.
Motorists are being encouraged to look out for hydroplaning in flooded areas.
Areas with lots of leaves on the ground may be more susceptible to flooding.
Low lying areas are likely to flood this week.
High winds may cause trees to fall because the ground is already saturated.
Cartersville officials say if falling trees or high waters occur call 770-387-5602, or use the city’s website to post a message.  Do not call 911 unless there is a threat to life or limb.
Bartow EMA Director, Paul Cuprowski says strong winds and a soft ground is the biggest safety threat today.  Crews are on alert for downed trees and power outages.  He says if you have problems with downed trees in Bartow call 911.  Your utility provider should be notified of power outages.  Cuprowski says Wednesday’s rain is more likely to cause flooding in parts of Bartow  County.