Schwartz1In front of a crowd of veterans, politicians and local citizens, Michael Schwartz rode into Cartersville, making a pit stop on his epic ride across America on behalf of the Wounded Warriors Project   with his group, Cycling for Warriors. After several opening remarks and the presentation of the colors by the Cass High School JROTC and the singing of the National Anthem, Schwartz took to the microphone to recount a few of the many stories from his ride thus far. When Schwartz left San Diego nearly two months ago, his sole mission was to raise money for wounded servicemen and women. But, he admits, along the way he learned that he was doing far more than that — he was touching the lives and hearts of those who have served, as well as their families.

After posing for pictures and shaking hands with those gathered, Schwartz has his compass and his eye fixed firmly on the Atlantic Ocean. Schwartz’s goal for his 3200 mile ride across America is to raise $50,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project, a number, he admits, he may not make. Though touching the lives of hundreds of veterans across the United States, he still clings to the hope that a couple of large donors, and maybe even more smaller ones, will step up and help him reach his objective.

To make a donation or to follow on his progress, you can go online to or follow him on Facebook at

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