A man from White has been charged with disrupting schools.  According to BCSO reports, Dalton Nicholas Matthews was arrested Friday and charged with disrupting public schools and reckless conduct.

According to a Facebook post, two additional juveniles from two separate Bartow County schools will be charged as a result of an ongoing investigation into school threats.

A Woodland High School student faces misdemeanor charges of giving false information to a police officer, disrupting school, and reckless conduct.

Another student at a different school faces a felony charge of terroristic threats.

This totals five students facing charges over a two-day period.

Again, no guns were found on any Bartow County campus.

School officials say that school police officers will not tolerate the circulation of threats or rumors of threats.

The assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bartow County Sheriff’s Office, and local law enforcement agencies has been unmatched.