According to a press release from District Attorney Rosemary Green, James Perry Scott, was convicted of four counts of child molestation on  Sept. 26th, 2014 .  During sentencing:

State prosecutor Elizabeth York made several comments to the Court prior to sentencing with the most poignant being that the child victim in this case would be affected forever by the choices made by Defendant Scott, who at one time, was an  investigator, charged with the duty to investigate these same type crimes and who fully understood the forever harm suffered by the victims;

Defendant Scott’s mother and two daughters spoke on his behalf, requesting the Court to extend mercy in the Court’s final sentence, which request for mercy was continued by Scott’s attorney, Chris Paul’s comments to the Court.

Judge Smith them imposed upon Scott, a total sentence of Forty (40) years; to serve Twenty (20) years incarcerated, the remainder to serve on probation, with a number of special conditions of probation required of  Scott while serving on probation, that included Scott’s entry into a sex offender evaluation and treatment program, along with no contact of any kind with the victim,   

After sentencing Attorney Chris Paul informed the Court that an appeal of Scott’s conviction would be sought.