Superior Court Judge Suzanne H. Smith Sentence Hearing:


The State of Georgia vs. James Darrell Simpson,

State Prosecutor:                    Elizabeth York

Defendant’s Attorney:            Joel Bergstrom


                       Trial Jury Verdict Returned August 29th, 2014

(1) Aggravated Stalking:                     NOT GUILTY

(2) Criminal Attempt to Commit           

      Aggravated Stalking:                      GUILTY                    


(3) Criminal Trespass:                           GUILTY



James Darrell Simpson:although  Simpson, requested the Court to give him a “straight sentence” defined as all incarceration time,  the Court declined, noting that Simpson, needed supervision after release from incarceration, resulting in Simpson, receiving a total sentence of Five (5) years plus Twelve (12) months, to serve Three (3) years incarcerated, the remainder to serve on probation, with the requirements that Simpson, while serving on probation, (1) reimburse Bartow County for attorney costs in the amount of $350.00, (2) within 30 days of release from incarceration,  enter andcomplete a mental health evaluation, completing any treatment recommendations, (3) have no contact with the victim Carla Simpson  or her property and (4) abide by any other previous Court Orders issued by any other Superior Court Judge in related civil matters.