Superior Court Judge D. Scott Smith:

The Trial Jury at Approximately 9:45 a.m. Friday, January 16th, 2014,

Returned the Following Verdicts in

      The State of Georgia vs. Michael Ray West Criminal Action

      State Prosecutor:                    Stewart Bratcher & Erle Newton

      Defendant’s Attorney:            Glen Albright


(1) Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer:            GUILTY                           


(2) Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer:        NOT GUILTY 

After dismissing the Trial Jury, Judge Smith issued the following orders:

(1) Directed Defendant WEST be taken into custody;

(2) Scheduled WEST’S sentence hearing for Tuesday, February 10TH,    


(3) Directed the State Probation Office to conduct a pre-sentence

     investigation on WEST, with  report of same  to be available to the 

     Court and all parties by the sentence hearing date supra.