Good morning and welcome to a Joe Tilley Thursday edition of Bartow’s Morning News, bringing you the best in news, weather, traffic and sports on your award-winning community radio station.

BartowsAmazinRace_logoWe have one guest segment before we get to Joe Tilley.  At 7:40AM, Brad Cowart returns to our studios to remind everyone that Bartow’s Amazin’ Race officially kicks off tomorrow morning at 9:30AM at the Woodland High School football stadium.  There will actually be a student pep rally at 9AM at the stadium and all are encouraged to attend and then remain to watch the start of the Race.

Once we get into hour three, who knows what will happen?  Joe Tilley keeps his guest list under wraps so even WE don’t know who he’s bringing on the show.  So, tune in, throw your expectations out the window, put your heels up, and enjoy Joe’s brand of widely scatter humor and even more scattered interview skills.  It’s why everyone both knows, and loves, Joe!

Tune in for Fox News at the top of each hour, state-wide headlines from GNN at the bottom of each hour, and local news, weather, traffic and sports in between. It’s all here on your award-winning AM 1450 WBHF.

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