Rome – August – Georgia Highlands College nabbed second on a list of the 30 most affordable online RN-BSN degree programs in the nation recently put out by Great Value Colleges.

GHC joins several colleges from across the nation, including the University of Texas, Indiana State University, and the University of Arkansas. California State University took the top spot.

Dean of Health Sciences Janet Alexander said there are many reasons why GHC’s RN-BSN degree would be considered one of the most affordable nursing programs in the nation. She noted that the cost is significantly lower in comparison to other colleges providing the same degree. Students can also complete the entire degree online and in 3 full-time semesters, she went on.

“Being affordable is great for RNs trying to pay for classes themselves,” Alexander said, “but it’s also very helpful for hospitals that reimburse nurses returning to school. “

“With the national push for 80% of RNs to have BSN by 2020, an affordable online program is important,” she added.

A full comprehensive list can be found at:

Great Value Colleges explained that its ranking system was developed by “consulting a number of well-researched rankings of online RN-BSN degree programs. From among the more than 60 highly regarded programs […] found in these robust rankings […], [Great Value Colleges] selected the 30 most affordable according to the average net price of undergraduate tuition, as reported by College Navigator.”