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Press Release:

Georgia Highlands College was recently approved by the Georgia Medical Care Foundation to begin its own certified nursing assistant program (CNA). Additionally, GHC has incorporated the new CNA program as a natural progression for students wishing to join the GHC nursing program.

GHC Health Sciences Advising Specialist Marjorie Frazier stated that holding a CNA gives students more career and employment opportunities when they graduate.

“When finished with the course, our students are eligible to take the state certification exam as a certified nursing assistant,” Frazier said. “When certified, our students are eligible to work in long term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living. Though the certification is not required to work in acute care, most hospitals prefer nursing assistants to have the certification.”

The CNA program will be offered through GHC Continuing Education. It is a six-week course for $700 that will be held at Heritage Hall in Rome.

Frazier explained that GHC will not limit admission to just GHC students, but since the CNA will now be a requirement for admission to the nursing program at GHC, pre-nursing students who are ready to apply to the nursing program will be given priority.

The next available course will begin on February 29th.

For more information about the program or to apply, please visit: