Georgia Highlands College has announced students named to the spring 2018 President’s List and Dean’s List. To achieve President’s List status, students must earn a 4.0 grade point average and attain a minimum of nine semester hours of credit. To make Dean’s List, students must complete a minimum of nine semester hours and achieve at least a 3.5 average.

The following lists are organized by students from your area.

A full list can be found online at:

The following students were named to the President’s List


      Harrison Banks, Cartersville

      Samuel Boice, Cartersville

      Sarah Bracken, Euharlee

      Joria Brooks, Adairsville

      Tara Butler, Kingston

      Morgan Callari, Cartersville

      Elizabeth Carver, Kingston

      Alexandria Chitwood, Cartersville

      Avery Cissa, White

      Kaden Cochran, Adairsville

      Michaela Crowe, Cartersville

      Robert Crowe, Cartersville

      Zackery Danz, Cartersville

      Jesus De La Cruz, Cartersville

      Brandy Folger, Adairsville

      Angelica Gallegos, Cartersville

      Lizeth Garcia Perez, Cartersville

      Bradley Gilmore, Cartersville

      Jared Goodwin, Rydal

      Jocelyn Greene, Adairsville

      Tyler Gustat, Cartersville

      Grant Harris, Cartersville

      Antonio Hernandez, Cartersville

      Tanner Hund, Cartersville

      Ashlie Hunt, Kingston

      Brandi Ingram, Cartersville

      Kaitlin Irish, Cartersville

      Noah James, Cartersville

      Megan Janisch, Cartersville

      Bailey Jones, Rydal

      Stephanie Jordan-Cain, Cartersville

      Huda Kamal, Cartersville

      Charles Keeney, Cartersville

      Heather King, Cartersville

      Kylie Knox, Taylorsville

      Meredith Knox, Cartersville

      William Lange, Cartersville

      Thacker Lively, Emerson

      Johanna Maserjian, Taylorsville

      Lauren McKaig, Cartersville

      Hunter Mccreary, Cartersville

      Shelby Meatyard, Cartersville

      David Moseley, Cartersville

      Marissa Mowry, Cartersville

      Vincent Myrick, Cartersville

      Tina Ogletree, Cartersville

      Morgan Ong, Cartersville

      Karishmaben Patel, Cartersville

      MacKenzie Payne, Cartersville

      Jorita Perkinson, Cartersville

      Madison Poe, Cartersville

      Ashlee Price, Adairsville

      Tori Pritchett, Kingston

      Joshua Queen, Euharlee

      Roger Redd, Adairsville

      Brandi Rhodes, Cartersville

      Joshua Rowland, Cartersville

      Ashlynn Russell, Cartersville

      Sean Simmons, Aragon

      Abigail Smith, Cartersville

      Lauren Tew, Kingston

      Christienne Tolero, White

      Kimberly Veliz, Cartersville

      Justin Vocke, Cartersville

      Avery Wade, Taylorsville

      Samantha Walker, Cartersville

      Kendyl Westmoreland, White

      Kyra Williams, Cartersville

      Anna Wilson, Adairsville

      Susan Wood, Cartersville

The following students were named to the Dean’s List


      Oskar Arnold, Cartersville

      Timothy Bates, Cartersville

      Anna Bedell, Cartersville

      Kaitlyn Belcher, Rydal

      Molly Belcher, Cartersville

      Jasmain Belew, Cartersville

      Camden Bridges, Cartersville

      Carley Bruce, Emerson

      Sh’nae Carr, Cartersville

      Anthony Catanzaro, Euharlee

      Ann Marie Chastain, White

      Seth Colston, Cartersville

      Christina Cooper, Cartersville

      Lucas Corbin, Cartersville

      Sidney Cothron, Cartersville

      Rachel Craig, Adairsville

      Morgan Creel, Kingston

      William Crowe, Cartersville

      Tyler Darnell, Cartersville

      Charles Davis, Cartersville

      Tambari Deeyaa, Cartersville

      Megan Dillard, Cartersville

      Jaina Dixon, Adairsville

      Levi Dooley, Euharlee

      Jeffrey Dunn, Kingston

      Kristin Epps, Cartersville

      Brooke Eure, Cartersville

      Lacey Evans, Rydal

      Ryan Frazier, Rydal

      Anna Furrow, Cartersville

      Sierrah Gani, Cartersville

      Sarah Garber, Cartersville

      Sara Garrett, Cartersville

      Harlee Goldermann, Emerson

      Braden Harris, Cartersville

      Calvin Hayes, Taylorsville

      Kameron Hendrix, Adairsville

      Miriam Hibbard, Cartersville

      Kyrah Holley, Cartersville

      Cheyenne Holt, Adairsville

      Erin Horgan, Cartersville

      Taylor Hutson, Cartersville

      Nia James, Cartersville

      Coleman Jeffers, Euharlee

      Jordan Kale, Cartersville

      Ruhma Kamal, Cartersville

      Ashley Kaufman, Cartersville

      David Kindred, Cartersville

      Asia Knox, Cartersville

      Dalton Knox, Cartersville

      Heather Kready, Cartersville

      Anna-marie Lawson, Adairsville

      Daniella Liley, White

      Garam Lim, Cartersville

      Jillian Malave, Cartersville

      Leah Martin, Cartersville

      Cynthia Mata, Cartersville

      Tara Mathis, Cartersville

      Brighton Mccollum, Cassville

      Kelsey Mckinley, Cartersville

      Chandler Morris, Cartersville

      Matthew Morrow, Adairsville

      Ivana Motes, Cartersville

      Haley Murphy, Cartersville

      Joseph Nash, Kingston

      Ashley Oliver, Cartersville

      Caleb Parker, White

      Rutva Patel, Cartersville

      Maria Payne, Cartersville

      Kourtney Perry, Cartersville

      Haley Pittman, Adairsville

      Amanda Planchet, Cartersville

      Matia Probus, Cartersville

      Elizabeth Quinonez, Cartersville

      Mayinampati Reddy, Cartersville

      Cecilia Reyes-cruz, Cartersville

      Xavier Richey, Kingston

      Kelli Rollins, Cartersville

      Andre Sanders, Cartersville

      Jillian Scanlon, Cartersville

      Joshua Scott, Cartersville

      Abigail Smith, Euharlee

      Emily Sutter, Cartersville

      Daniel Tidwell, Taylorsville

      Hennessy Valle, Cartersville

      Carsyn Wade, Cartersville

      Shawn Weatherby, Cartersville

      Collin Weese, Cartersville

      Christian Welch, Euharlee

      Haley West, White

      Kassie West, Adairsville

      Amanda Woods, Cartersville

      Noah Woods, Cartersville

      Kayla Wooten, Cartersville


Georgia Highlands College is a multi-campus, state college member of the University System of Georgia. Founded in 1970 as Floyd Junior College, it now serves more than 6,000 students in Northwest Georgia across its five locations in Rome, Cartersville, Marietta, Dallas, and Douglasville. GHC currently offers over 30 areas of study with associate degree and bachelor’s degree options. GHC offers a Bachelor of Science in both nursing and dental hygiene.