Press Release:

 Company offers energy efficiency resources, bill payment assistance as high temperatures impact bills


ATLANTA – July 1, 2014 – As the heat of the Georgia summer descends, Georgia Power is reminding customers that focusing on energy efficiency can help keep their homes cool and reduce the impact of the hot weather on power bills. As part of continued efforts to help customers save energy and money, the company has made it easy to find energy efficiency solutions and advice at and is sharing tips and advice throughout the summer on Twitter using the hashtag #SaveEnergy.


Some of the summer-specific tips available from Georgia Power include:


—     See the SEER.  When purchasing a window- or wall-mounted cooling unit, choose a model with the highest possible Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit.

—     Maximize your flow. Change or clean air conditioner filters regularly to maximize efficiency and keep air vents clear of any obstructions, like furniture or drapes.

—     Cool air belongs inside. Sealing doors and windows to stop air leaks can lower bills by up to 10 percent. Adding additional attic insulation can also improve efficiency and reduce bills.

—     Keep a lid on it. Covering pots and pans when cooking not only helps cook food more efficiently, but reduces “heat buildup” in your home.

—     Film your windows. Installing solar or “reflective film” on windows can block a large portion of incoming sunlight, reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.


Other programs and services available at include a free online energy checkup, the ability to schedule a free in-home energy audit and access to a variety of rebates and incentives which can make energy efficiency improvements even more cost effective for home owners and businesses. Additionally, the company’s My Power Usage program, a free service connected to Georgia Power online accounts, allows customers to track their daily energy use online, project their month bill and stay within a set energy budget by signing up for account notifications.