May 3, 2022

From Waste Today Magazine

The company will spend the next two years building a $40 million recycling facility at a county-owned landfill to recycle plastic, metal and cardboard.

Freepoint Eco-Systems LLC, Houston, and The Bartow County Resource Recovery Development Authority (RRDA), Georgia, have agreed to a 20-year municipal solid waste recycling contract.

Under the terms of the agreement, Freepoint Eco-Systems will build a $40 million recycling facility at the Bartow County-owned landfill to separate plastic, metal and cardboard from scrap that has been delivered to the landfill. Once separated, Freepoint Eco-Systems will deliver the recovered material to the appropriate market, where it will be recycled into new plastic, metal containers and cardboard.

“Freepoint Eco-Systems is delighted to partner with Bartow County and the RRDA to reduce the amount of recyclable scrap that ends up in landfills,” says Jeff McMahon, CEO of Freepoint Eco-Systems. “This partnership will significantly increase the recycling rate in Bartow County, reduce the amount of nonbiodegradable materials in its landfill, extend the life of the landfill and close the loop to a more sustainable economy. This agreement is an important step in Freepoint Eco-System’s wider commitment to recycling worldwide.”

The project will be built in Cartersville, Georgia, and is expected to divert about 30 percent of the county’s scrap from the landfill to the recycling markets and convert it to recycled products. According to Freepoint, the city produces about 33,000 tons of scrap annually. The Freepoint Eco-Systems recycling facility is expected to become operational in the first half of 2024.