The Euharlee City Council voted to sell its old museum property at 118 Covered Bridge Road to Drowned Valley Brewing Company during a called meeting on Tuesday evening. This comes after two bids for the property were received earlier this month.

The total amount for the purchase of this land, which is around an acre, was about $50,000. In the proposal it was stated that Drowned Valley planned on constructing a new building on the property and operating it as a brewery.

Before any votes were taken on this proposal a citizen in the crowd asked what was going to happen to the historic building that was currently on the property. During the meeting when the bids were read it was stated that if Drowned Valleys bid was accepted the city could choose what to do with the building. An engineer that was with Drowned Valley stated during that meeting that due to the condition of the building it could not be moved. Mayor Craig Guyton addressed the citizen and stated that if the deal went through the old building would be demolished.

Following this there were no other comments on the matter and a motion was put forward to accept Drowned Valleys bid. That motion passed in a 3-0 vote with council members Joe Turner and David Duncan not casting votes on the matter.