Clara Ashworth’s sister spoke during the hearing.  David Turner addressed Ashworth’s family prior to sentencing.

A man charged with murdering a woman and wounding her boyfriend pleads guilty but mentally ill.  On June 28, 2020, David Aaron Turner killed Clara Ashworth at her Crump Road.  Turner wounded his cousin David Bagley.  He attempted to shoot another person in the home, Donna Mills.   All parties accepted the findings of a psychologist.  Turner was found mentally ill but able to help his attorney with the case.  Turner received a life sentence with the possibility of parole.  He will receive evaluations and treatment while incarcerated.    Turner and his attorney, Mitch Skandalakis, appeared before Judge Scott Smith Tuesday.  Turner pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a gun, aggravated battery, and murder but mentally ill.   Clara Ashworth was found in the home deceased from gunshot wounds to the face and abdomen.  Another person in the home, Donna Mills ran to a bedroom and hid behind a bed.  She screamed for Turner to stop shooting and called 911.  According to reports, Mills said that Turner said, “Shut the **** up, Aunt Donna,” and continued shooting.