Press Release
The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a husband and wife in connection with parking lot thefts from the Marketplace Boulevard area.

According to Sheriff Clark Millsap, investigators identified a person of interest due to a high number of pawn shop transactions in conjunction with increased reports of thefts from vehicles in parking lots such as Lowe’s and Walmart over the past two months. Investigators began to narrow down the times these were likely occurring and have been watching the areas in unmarked law enforcement vehicles. Today just after 12PM, a Bartow County Investigator in an unmarked car observed a male exit his vehicle and remove a weed trimmer and an edger from the back of a pickup truck. The male then placed the items into his truck and left the scene. The vehicle, a black Trailblazer, and the male matched descriptions from previous thefts in the same area and the investigator followed until a Bartow County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle could catch up and stop it. Arrested were 31 year old Nicolas Daniel Brown and 24 year old Krista Danielle Brown, both of White, Georgia. They are being held without bond at this time charged with this theft and numerous others.

Sheriff Millsap stated that the couple are believed to have been involved in thefts in Bartow County, Cartersville, Canton, and Cherokee County and his agency personnel are working with others to idenitfy stolen property. Items stolen are usually lawn equipment and power tools as well as any other tools or items which can be lifted quickly. It is possible that other jurisidictions were involved as the investigation continues. Investigators hope to recover much of the property stolen and believe it may be located in pawn shops in and around Bartow County. Sheriff Millsap also credits the assignment of an investigator to full time pawn shop and scrap yard duties to being able to identify a suspect early in the investigation