The City of Cartersville is proud to announce a significant milestone in its visual identity journey with the approval of the revision to the City Corporate Seal by the City Council. This decision, made during Thursday night’s council meeting, marks the official launch of a revamped branding system tailored to represent the unique character and values of Cartersville.

In collaboration with citizens, community stakeholders, and design partners, the City embarked on a year long journey dedicated to reimagining its visual identity. “I’m appreciative of the hard work, professionalism and thoughtfulness of the city staff and a team of people who put together the new Cartersville branding and city seal,” stated Mayor Matt Santini. “Their work speaks to the spirit of collaboration that we value in our city, and the end product gives us a consistent look while also incorporating elements that can be made as unique as the people who make up our city.”

The new branding system features fresh colors, handcrafted elements, and a hometown charm, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Cartersville. At its heart lies the primary logo, a ‘C’ icon symbolizing a window, reflecting the shared connection to this vibrant town. Each view, each window, tells a unique story and perspective of what makes Cartersville home.

“We set out to create a flexible and all-encompassing identity for our city. This is more than just a logo; it’s about Cartersville, our history, our future, our story.” explained Logan Bagley, Public Relations and Communications Manager. “We needed a branding system that could function not only for internal city business, but also represent the community. An identity that is consistent across all platforms and continues to foster the sense of community pride that is so strong here in Cartersville.”

With the approval of the revision to the City Corporate Seal, the City of Cartersville is poised to embrace this exciting chapter in its journey. As the new branding launches across all platforms, residents can expect to see it gradually integrated into various aspects of city communication, signage, and materials over the coming months. We encourage everyone to join in the celebration and embrace the endless possibilities that await in our beloved Cartersville. Together, let’s watch as our city’s refreshed identity takes shape, reflecting the vibrant spirit and unique character of our community.

For more information about the City of Cartersville’s new branding system, please contact City Communications at 770-387-5612.