Jennifer StreetmanChief Thomas N. Culpepper of the Cartersville Police Department has advised that 39 year-old Jennifer Streetman of Cartersville has been arrested in connection with forging checks and taking money from her employer. Ms. Streetman was employed as the Office Manager of Telenet Systems of Cartersville.

From June 2012 until February 2014, Ms. Streetman allegedly printed 34 company checks in her name and cashed the checks all without the permission of her employer. The approximate amount of money taken was $100,000.00

It is alleged that Ms. Streetman would re-create invoices which had already been paid and then print a check listing her as the payee for the invoice amount. The forgeries were discovered when Ms. Streetman re-created an invoice that had not yet been paid. When the company who had issued the original invoice complained that they had not yet received payment the scheme was uncovered.

Ms. Streetman was arrested when she turned herself into police yesterday morning. She is being charged with 15 counts of Theft by Conversion.

The investigation is continuing.