Cartersville saw an increase in both revenues and expenses in December 2022, along with an increase in LOST and building permits and inspection fees. In December 2022 the revenues for the city increased by $5,845,094.00 from December of 2021, expenditures also increased by $962,394.00 in the same time frame. The Local Option Sales Tax increased by just under a million dollars in December totaling $992,716.00. Building permits and inspection fees also increased by just under half a million dollars with an increase of $492,569.00.

The two largest funds that saw increases in December 2022 was the Gas fund and Electric fund. The Gase fund revenues increased by $9,829,157.00, along with expenses increasing by $7,778,435.00. One of the largest reasons listed was the increased cost of purchased gas, which was $6,472,000.

As for the electric fund revenues increased by $3,367,550.00 in December 2022 from 2021, along with expenses increasing by $3,195,544.00. Again, the largest reason listed for this is the increase in purchased electricity, which is listed as $2,637,000.00.