The City of Cartersville under a Georgia State Statute that requires the notification of a director level positions top three candidates 14 days before a recommendation to the City Council has provided WBHF with the following announcement:

The City of Cartersville recently posted a Director of Parks & Recreation job opening.  City Manager, Dan Porta, recommends Steve Roberts, for the Director of Parks & Recreation for the City of Cartersville.  The three top candidates are Steve Roberts, Brenton Baggett (withdrawn), and Jeffrey Holstein.  All three candidates were male; two Caucasian, and one race unknown.  The City Manager of the City of Cartersville will be presenting his recommendation to the Mayor and City Council at its April 6, 2023, meeting at 7:00P.M. for their consideration as to the appointment of a new Director of Parks & Recreation.  Resumes are available by contacting Human Resources at 770-387-5685 or by coming to our office at 1 North Erwin Street.