The Cartersville Purple Hurricanes (1-0) defeated the Cherokee Warriors on Friday night by a score of 27-14.

The opening drive of the game ended with an interception by Khristian Lando and gave the Cartersville offense its first opportunity of the season in positive territory. Quarterback Nate Russell, on a third-and-long, found Kendrick Price streaking down the sideline for a long touchdown pass and give Cartersville an early lead. Gracen Sexon and the Cherokee offense were able to answer back on a touchdown reception of the own, but future scoring opportunities would be thwarted. The score remained tied at seven after the first 12 minutes of action.

Cartersville would score again on a 4-yard rush by Lando and on rush from Richard Houston. Ryan Johnson had a field goal blocked and a missed PAT, but those were the lone blemishes for Cartersville in the opening half of the season.

Cartersville received the ball in the third quarter and scored on the opening possession Allman caught a Russell touchdown to extend the lead to 27-7. Tanner Savasir scored on a 7-yard touchdown run late in the fourth quarter, but by then the damage had been done.

Cartersville will host Allatoona next Friday night at 7:30 PM. You can hear the game on WBHF with pregame coverage beginning at 6:00 PM.