The Cartersville City Council will meet tonight for the second hearings of attendance ordinances, and the first reading of changes to the natural gas rates.

The changes to the gas rates are to introduce some new rates for the new Hyundai and Qcells customers which will use higher loads of gas than any existing customers. In addition to that there is an amendment in this request to change the rates for customers that only use heat loads in the wintertime. These proposed amendments will increase the non-heat load costs for these customers and allow the gas department to recoup some costs of the ongoing infrastructure changes and regulatory compliances.

The attendance ordinances for all of the board and commissions including the alcohol control board, planning commission, historic preservation commission, and board of zoning appeals. These changes in attendance, if approved, would allow any member to be removed without a public hearing if they miss three consecutive meetings without cause. These attendance rules also mimic the ones that are currently in place for the city council.

In addition to these second readings there will be a second reading to proposed changes to the alcohol ordinance. This amendment is seeking to change the section on definitions and the section on pouring licenses limited to certain establishments. These proposed changes are being brought before the council with the goal of providing JZ’s Taste of Georgia a path forward to keep their business open.

There is also a recommended appointment that will come during this meeting for the recreation advisory board. It is proposed that Josh Brock be appointed to the board and serve for the remainder of the term that will end on December 31st, 2023. In addition to these items the council will hear a handful of contract proposals along with one proposed purchase.

This Cartersville City Council meeting will be aired live on WBHFs website and on 100.3 FM and 1450 AM starting at 7 p.m.