The Cartersville City Council will meet Thursday for the first reading of four new ordinances, an appointment and a handful of purchases. Three of the four ordinances that will be brought forward for their first reading were discussed in the recent visioning session that was held by the city council. The first is a noise ordinance amendment that would add restrictions to engine, muffler and exhaust system noise. The next first reading is in a new ordinance that will regulate urban camping and the improper use of public areas for the benefit of citizens. The third item is another amendment. This proposed amendment is part of the panhandling ordinance that will provide additional regulations to panhandling. The last item is to update the signs and outdoor advertising ordinance to revise the definition of a pole banner with language that allows the city and the DDA to place banners were approved under the new, proposed, policy.

Tamara Brock who was a member of the Cartersville Building Authority submitted her resignation from the board. In the past the city manager has been appointed to replace a member which would be Dan Porta.

In total there are eight proposed purchases going before the city council, which total $304,768.83. The largest of these purchases is just over $100,000 for the Fibercom department. This purchase would be for a new fiber optic delivery system which is used to deliver internet services to and some city and county locations. This purchase if approved would replace the current aging system. This is not a budgeted item and is proposed to be paid for using SPLOST 2020 funds.

This meeting will be aired live on WBHF’s website as well as on 1450 AM and 100.3 FM.