The Cartersville City Council had a first reading for the FY 2024 City Budget and FY 2024-2025 Water and Sewer Rate Ordinance that would affect residents’ current water and sewer rates.

The FY 2024-2025 Water and Sewer Ordinance consisted of a proposed 5% increase.

This equates to an estimated $1.27 extra per month for customers both inside and outside the city limits.

“The 5% increase will allow the Water Department to continue maintenance of existing water lines,” Tom Rhinehart, the Cartersville Finance Director stated.

If approved, the ordinance would go into effect on July 1st.

A second reading was also held for the FY 2024-2025 city budget.

One of the highlights of the budget includes an increase of over $57,000,000 compared to the FY 2023-2024 budget.

If approved, residents can expect the budget to have no increase to the city’s property tax millage rate, salary adjustments, a water and sewer increase, and more.

An application submitted by Switch LTD had its second and final reading.

The application consisted of a request which included the annexation and re-zoning of four parcels into the city.

The parcels would be combined with the city’s current Technology district and Switch LTD’s future data center campus.

This application was approved by the council.

The next Cartersville City Council Meeting will take place on Thursday, June 20th at 7:00 p.m.