The Cartersville City Schools Board of Education met in regular session on Thursday, February 9, 2023. Cartersville Elementary School was the host for the meeting.

“Spark the Heart” Capturing Kids Hearts Word of the Month for February: Kindness – Be friendly and compassionate Stellar Performers The Matthew Hill-Michael Dean HEARTS Employee of the Month for February (Student Support) is Tara Gochee. Mrs. Gochee is the speech pathologist at Cartersville High School. Tara establishes firm relationships with her speech caseloads. Her students trust her, and she has an amazing way of bringing them out of their shells and getting them to stretch and grow beyond their comfort zones so that they flourish and thrive. One of her nominators said, “She is a team player and is always willing to help, especially if it is about a student or making CHS a better place.” Linda Benton Students of the Month The CPS student of the month is Evie Privett. Evie is a student in Ms. Emerson’s first-grade class and literally has the biggest heart! She is compassionate and cares for her classmates and teachers. Evie enjoys giving affirmations and truly delights in making others smile. She makes everyone’s day brighter! She treats every single person she encounters at CPS with respect, kindness, and compassion. Evie is a great friend, and genuinely cares for each one of them. Evie shines her light here at CPS and is so deserving of this honor! The CES Student of the month is Daniah Hill. Daniah is a 5th grade student in Mrs. Barnes homeroom class. Daniah is an all-around exceptional student and child. She displays many characteristics that adults and children alike should replicate. Mrs. Barnes shared, “Her kindness and helpfulness to others is done discreetly as a service, not for recognition. Her dedication and drive to succeed is to empower herself, not out of competitiveness. She includes others, but she will always choose what is right over doing what is wrong. The list is endless when it comes to Daniah’s qualities as a leader. She will not be the loudest, most outspoken (however, she always adds great reflection on class topics), persuasive or entertaining. Daniah uplifts and makes others want to be better by being who she is – a quiet leader with a big presence.” We are proud of Daniah for modeling what it means to be a Cane at CES!

The CMS Student of the Month is Addie Feuerbach. Addie is a 7th-grade student at CMS, where she excels academically and is a part of the golf team and musical theater program. Addie practices a level of kindness that is a model for others. Her leadership is carried out by example each day and her genuine care for others makes CMS a better place! The CHS Student of the Month is Jackson Minhinnett. Jackson is a 10th grade student at CHS. Misty Watkins, our CHS Cafeteria Manager, submitted this on behalf of Jackson: We picked Jackson for kindness month because he is by far the kindest student we encounter on a daily basis. He has the biggest heart and he shows it every time he comes into the cafeteria. He asks how we are doing and how our day is going. He notices if one of the ladies is not being themselves and goes out of his way to ask if they are ok and offers help and kind words to them. There is always a smile on his face. Not only is he super kind in the cafeteria, but also outside of school. He’s been seen helping others and is also known for doing good things for others.

CES Special Presentation: by students from CES Student Council and the National Elementary Honor Society: – Two CES students presented information about Cartersville Elementary School’s Student Council and National Elementary Honor Society. This information included program details, how the programs impact our school, and how they impact the students involved. The presenting students were: Hadley Popham Eli Williams Business items: The System Financial, Cost and Utility Reports for December 2022. Review of Cartersville City Schools Long Range Planning for FY2024. Review of Cartersville City Schools Technology Strategic Goals. The Board approved a contract renewal from eSpark Learning, Chicago, IL, for Cartersville Primary School (grades Pre-K – 2nd grade) to continue with the eSpark differentiation program for one year at a cost of $37,243. The Board approved the purchase and installation of equipment for the CHS Engineering Pathway from Learning Labs, Inc., located in Calhoun, GA, totaling $99,476.94 and the purchase of laptops from Dell Inc., in the amount of $8,167.60. Learning Labs Inc. provided sole source letters as proprietary educational re-sellers for Georgia. Funding is provided via the GA DOE Capital Related Equipment grant for new facilities. The Board approved the purchase of 24 laptops and 11 desktops for the new Cartersville Primary School Media Center from Dell Technologies on the Georgia State Purchasing Contract in the amount of $28,485.00. This will be paid from SPLOST.

The Board approved the purchase of Access Control for CES from NetPlanner of Norcross, GA on the Georgia State Purchasing Contract number 99999-SPD0000172-012 for the price of $56,929.32. This will be paid for using SPLOST funds. The Board approved the purchase of (1) Single Gas Combi Oven and (1) LTI Serving Ling for Cartersville Middle School in the amount of $96,051.00, low bid as specified, from Boelter, located in Duluth, GA. This is coming from School Nutrition funds. The Board approved the purchase of cafeteria tables and chairs for Cartersville Elementary School from Palmer Hamilton, located in Elkhorn, WI, at a total cost of $68,381.30. This cost includes shipping and installation. This purchase will be through the Sourcewell Contract #121919 and paid from School Nutrition funds. The Board approved the purchase of Classroom Audio Systems for the new CPS from Audio Enhancement, Inc. in the amount of $194,345.54, best bid as specified. This will be paid using

SPLOST funds. Consent items:
The Board approved the ratification of approval for the CES Purple Rain Singers to attend the Statewide Elementary Honor Chorus in Athens, Georgia on February 10-11, 2023.
The Board approved the ratification of approval for the CHS International Thespian Society to attend ThesCon Conference in Columbus, GA February 9-11, 2023
The Board approved the CMS 7th and 8th Grade Band Spring Trip to Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA March 17-18, 2023. They will perform in Chattanooga, TN on March 17th at the Chickamauga NMP. They will perform in Atlanta, GA on March 18th at GSU for the Lincoln Center Jazz Performance. There will not be overnight lodging.

The Board approved the following rental requests:
– Bartow Family Resources to use the CMS school grounds and parking for the Glow for Life 5K on Saturday, March 25, 2023 from 5pm-10pm
– Advocate for Children to use the CPS gym and grounds for a ½ Marathon and Duck Dash 5K on Saturday, May 13, 2023 from 6am-11am. They will also use the CES parking lot as a last resort for additional parking. The Board approved several surplus items. The Finance, Personnel, Curriculum, Building and Grounds, and Policy Committees all met during the month and presented reports.
Committee Recommendations: Finance Committee Recommendations:
Recommended the purchase of new playground equipment for CES and the relocation of playground equipment from CPS to CES from Superior Recreational Products, Carrollton, GA in the amount of $143,523.04. This will be purchased from the Buy Board contract #679-22. This will be paid as follows: $70,000 CES Afterschool funds, $20,000 CES PTC and $53,523.04 to be paid from SPLOST. Recommended to leave the tuition rate for FY2024 as $300 per student if paid by June 30th. After June 30th, for current students, the rate will be $350 per student. Recommended the approval of the Technology Building Cost Maximum price of $1,132,717 and the overall budget for the project not to exceed $1,375,000. Recommended the amendment of the FY2023 budget for increased Utility Cost for the Stem Building. This increase includes cleaning costs for the Stem Building and the completion of an attestation audit for TRS that we were just notified about. The amount will be $185,000. This money will come from reserves. Policy Committee Recommendations: The following revisions for Policy Section J were placed on the table for 30 days for public view and comment until the next Board Meeting:
Section J: Students Abolish – JBC (2), JBC (3), JBCD, JC, JCE, JDD, JDDA, JF, JG, JGCB, JKA, JP, JQA Keep – JAA, JB, JBC, JBC (1), JCEB, JGC, JGJA, JKB, JN, JR Turned Into Operating Procedures – JCAB, JCDAB, JD, JDCAD, JDCB, JGFC, JGFG,

Personnel approved: Resignations: -Lloyd Taylor, CMS Teacher, retirement, with regret, effective end of 2022-23 school year -Anastasia Teasley, CMS Teacher, effective end of the 2022-23 school year -Jim Stanley, CHS Teacher, retirement, with regret, effective end of the 2022-23 school year -Lori Richards, CPS Teacher, retirement, with regret, effective end of 2022-23 school year -Traci Harris, CPS Teacher, retirement, with regret, effective end of 2022-23 school year -Ruthie Jones, CPS Teacher, retirement, with regret, effective end of 2022-23 school year -Cynthia Moore, CHS Teacher, retirement, with regret, effective end of 2022-23 school year -Betsy Holt, School Board Receptionist, effective February 14, 2023 -Linda Andrews, CPS Teacher, retirement, with regret, effective end of 2022-23 school year -Dee Dee Burson, CHS Secretary, effective February 17, 2023 -Wendy Ross, CPS Teacher, retirement, with regret, effective end of 2022-23 school year

Certified: – Edwin Bonayon, JROTC Instructor, CHS, effective September 1st, 2023 Classified: -Mackenzy McAbee, Parapro, CPS, effective February 10, 2023 -Beth J Katt, Parapro, CHS, effective February 15, 2023 The next regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting is set for March 13, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. at Cartersville Middle School.

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