April 9, 2018

Cartersville Board of Education met for their regular April Board Meeting on April 9, 2018. The School Board recognized retiring Cartersville City Manager, Sam Grove for his dedication and service to our community and Bartow County School Superintendent, Dr. John Harper, for his contribution to help strengthen our two communities. Both were presented with engraved clocks by School Board President, Kelley Dial. Judy Forsyth, ParaPro at Cartersville Elementary, was honored for being selected as the HEARTS Employee of the Month. Judy received a $50.00 gift card to Appalachian Grill and her name will be added to our perpetual HEARTS plaque displayed at the Cartersville Board Office. New Frontier of Bartow County, Inc. proudly sponsors this award.

Principals gave updates and reports on each of their schools
Under Consent, the Board approved rental request from Bartow County Masonic Convention, Kingston, GA to use CMS School Grounds and Parking Lot for 5K Run on April 28, 2018. Several surplus items were also approved.

Approved was a recommendation from the Finance Committee to roll the Service Solutions contract for custodial services an additional 3 years. Terms are as follows: 5% reduction for year 2019, COLA increase not to exceed 2.5% for years 2020 & 2021.
A recommendation from the Curriculum Committee for Instructional Resource adoption for Social Studies & Fine Arts to sit on the table for public review for thirty (30) days was approved.
Two recommendations were given from the Building & Grounds Committee and approved – one was to establish a budget from SPLOST funds not to exceed $5,798,953.54 for the construction of the CHS Athletic Facility including a visiting team press box; and approval of R.K. Redding Construction, Inc., as the primary contractor for the CHS Athletic Facility for the price of $4,758,763.00, to include a visiting team press box.

Several recommendations from the Policy Committee to sit on the table for public review and comment were approved as follows: Substantial changes in Policy JBCB – Nonresident Students; Rescind the following: GA-Personnel, GAC-Staff Involvement, GAGA-Ethics for Government Service, GBFA- In Service Training; Clarification changes in the following: GAK-Personnel Records, GAMA-Drug Free Workplace, GBA-Compensation/Certified Personnel, GBC-Recruitment of Certified Personnel, GBM-Transfer of Certified Personnel, GBRA-Health Exams-Certified Personnel, GBRB-Work Load and Time Schedules, GBRG-Non School employment, GBRGB-Tutoring for Pay, GBRJ-Substitute Teachers, GCA-Compensation of Classified Personnel, GCC-Recruitment of Classified Personnel, GCD-Hiring of Classified Personnel, GCKA-Reduction in Force/Classified Personnel, GCRA-Health Exams/Classified Personnel; Substantial changes in the following: GAD-Professional Learning, GAEB-Harassment, GBKA-Reduction in Force/Certified Personnel, GBRH-Leave/Certified Personnel, GCBA-School Bus Drivers, GCI-Evaluation of Certified Personnel and GCRG-Leave/Classified Personnel.

The Board approved acceptance of the resignations of Heather Duncan, CES Teacher, effective end of 2017-18 school year.
Also approved was the Reappointment of Certified Personnel as listed.
The Board approved the following Certified Employees for 2018-19 school year pending criminal background check:
-Danielle Chiavelli, CPS Teacher
-Laura Watson, CHS Teacher
The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Cartersville School Board is Monday, May 14, 2018.