“If you are using a “live” Christmas tree this year, Keep Bartow Beautiful wants it.  After Santa Claus has come and it’s time to take the decorations down, remember that if you have a “real” live tree it is 100% recyclable.  Bartow prides itself on being a “Recycling Community” so why stop at bottles and cans?  As you’re bringing your other recyclables “remember that tree” and bring it undecorated to any of our 11 collections centers.  Remember it must be a live tree as we will not take fake. In partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers -Your tree will be used to help replenish the fish habitats at Lake Allatoona (helping to create fishing “sweet spots” at jetties around the lake).  Any trees that aren’t used for fish habitat will be mulched and used for gardening projects.  So please continue the Merry past this Christmas time and “Bring One for the Chipper” by enriching fish habitats or one of our selected gardening projects.