Bond is set at $300,000 for a man charged with murder. Twenty-year-old Caesar Osvaldo Roque of Cartersville appeared before Judge Jeffery Watkins Tuesday afternoon with his attorney Zachery Moore. Roque was booked into the Bartow County Jail on April 28th, 2022, and charged with murder, possession of controlled substances and the sale of controlled substances. Roque is charged with causing the death of 20-year-old Kevin Andrew Hutchings. According to court documents, Roque sold Hutchings Oxycodone M30 pills containing suspected Fentanyl. He reportedly warned Hutchings the pills were strong. During a previous bond hearing, District Attorney Samir Patel characterized Roque’s actions as depraved indifference. Instead of destroying the pills, Roque reportedly got rid of 19 oxycodone pills by selling them to an undercover agent.
Roque is not a citizen of this country; he was born in the Dominican Republic. If released on bond, he will reside with his mother in Cartersville. His attorney said Roque would be willing to wear an ankle monitor and turn over his passport. Moore said Roque was a recent honor graduate of Cartersville High School with his sights set on Emory University. Moore asked for a bond of $100,000.

Meanwhile, ADA Austin Waldo asked for a bond of half a million dollars, saying Roque was a flight risk. Waldo said if granted bond, Roque would need to turn over his passport and wear an ankle monitor. Judge Watkins set bond at $300,000.