BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. (October 10, 2023) – Another year, another significant milestone for
the Bartow County School System! Just released today by the Georgia Department of Education
– the BCSS four-year graduation rate reaches 95% – a new all-time high!
“That exceeds the state rate by more than 10%,” said Bartow County School System
Superintendent Dr. Phillip Page. “Five years ago, our graduation rate sat at 87.1%. Knowing
these are crucial metrics in the field of education, our staff worked with intentionality and focus
through the Professional Learning Communities process to raise rates considerably. It worked,
and I am very proud of our staff and students. These rates truly provide valuable insights into the
success and effectiveness of schools and systems across the Nation.”
Adairsville High School leads the county with the highest graduation rate – 98.6%, up from
96.6% last year. School leaders also graduated more students with disabilities than any other
school in the system. Increasing their outcome by 7.1 percentage points, AHS recorded a 96.3%
graduation rate this year for students with disabilities.
“With the continued commitment of our dedicated staff and students, I am not surprised AHS
once again demonstrated one of the highest success rates in the state with a 98.6% graduation
rate – a 2% increase from the previous year,” said AHS Principal Lexie Bultman. “We have the
right people doing the right work as their focus remains steadfast on collaboration, learning, and
Cass High School records another record-high graduation rate – 92.5%. That is up .41 percentage
points from last year.
“We are proud of the class of 2023 for setting yet another school record with a 92.5% graduation
rate,” said CHS Principal Steve Revard. “Our teachers, counselors, support staff, parents, and
community all play a significant role preparing our students to become college and career
Woodland High School maintains a 95.3% graduation rate, which is above the milestone 95%
plane for the third year in a row. Its graduation rate for students with disabilities also jumped
from 82.8% last year to 90% this year.
“Three straight years at over a 95% graduation rate clearly demonstrates the culture shift that our
staff and students are committed to,” said WHS Principal David Stephenson. “Our families and
community know that their children will learn and achieve when they enroll at Woodland. I am
particularly proud of our exceptional education grad rate, which exceeded 90% this year. At
Woodland, our vision is ALL students learning and achieving at the highest levels, and our
graduation rate is a strong signal of our progress towards that vision.”

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