The Bartow County Board of Education Passed their 2024 budget on Monday, which jumped over 175 million dollars.

Last month a tentative balanced budget was passed with expenditures at $175,857,913. However, the tax digest for the school system was unknown at the time.

Since then, the board received a preliminary digest for the budget. This showed a 19% increase from last year. In total the revenue increased from the previous budget by around 17 million dollars totaling $177,767,544.

There was also around $350,000 in additional expenditures added. This brought the total expenditures in this budget to $176,219,626. Some of the things that lead to this increase was bills for Georgia Power and insurance premiums. After these additions there is around one and a half million dollars left over from revenues.

Megan Brown the Chief Finacial Officer for the school system stated that the plan is keeping this variance in place. Then assuming the budget falls in line, the left-over money would be used for capital improvements.

In that case Brown explained that it would go into the general fund balance. If those funds were needed for a capital improvement the board would have to vote to designate them.

Following this presentation, the Bartow County Board of Education passed their 2024 budget unanimously under the consent agenda.

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