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Press Release

Bartow County 4-H’ers celebrated victory at the annual district Project Achievement competition on March 4-6 at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton. There were 37 counties competing with 34 Bartow 4-H’ers in attendance.   A district total of 675 competitors, including 317 middle school Junior 4-H’ers and 358 high school Senior 4-H’ers, presented projects ranging from Performing Arts to Sporting Events, from History to Food Preparation.
At 34 competitors, Bartow County had one of the largest number of combined Junior and Senior participants from all the participating counties.  4-H Project Achievement is an annual competition and a cornerstone for programing in 4-H across Georgia. Youth create presentations and portfolios on hundreds of projects which showcase 4-H’ers work and success. Students select a topic of interest from more than 50 different areas and prepare a demonstration including visuals. 4-H’ers also can apply and run for Northwest District Board of Directors. If elected, these 4-H’ers will help lead conferences, competitions, travel, and represent 4-H all over the state.

Bartow County’s first place high school 4-H’ers were Sam Payne in Target Sports, Amelia Payne in Conservation of Natural Resources, Josh Drexler in Outdoor Survival Skills, and Natalie Burrow in Sports.  Winning first place as a high schooler earns the opportunity to compete again at the state level this summer in Atlanta. Another Bartow 4-H’er earned a ‘sweepstakes’ entry to compete at the premier State Congress event in July.  Because Performing Arts had more than 8 competitors in the general category, Isaac Streetman won 2nd place earning him a trip to State Congress.  In July, these five 4-H’ers will again present their public speaking and performance demonstrations in hopes of becoming #1 in the state in their project area.  State winners receive a trip to National 4-H Congress in Atlanta after Thanksgiving this year.

Bartow County also had success in having three members elected to board leadership for the Northwest District. This year Natalie Burrow, a freshman at Adairsville High School and Jake Paige, a sophomore who is homeschooled, were elected to serve on  the Senior Board, while Luci Paige, a 7th grade homeschooler, was elected to serve on Junior Board.  Amelia Payne, a junior from Woodland High School, also received the Water Wise Scholarship for her efforts in conservation!

Bartow’s seventh and eighth graders who received 1st place were Grayson Breedlove in Housing, Equipment, and Environment,  Sarah Holman in Festive Foods for Health and Anna Hughes in Health.  “Junior” 4-H’ers (those in 7th and 8th grade) do not compete again at the state level.  Below is the complete list of all Bartow 4-H’ers with their placings and schools.


Adairsville High

Natalie Burrow-Sports-1st

Cass High

Leah Martin- Target Sports- 7th

Minal Dalwadi-Performing Arts Vocal- 10th

Kara Turner- Horse -8th

Nora Martin-Safety- 8th

Cartersville High

Buck Hicks-General Recreation- 7th


Adairsville Middle

Nirvana Becerra-General Recreation- 4th

Cartersville Middle

Grayson Breedlove- Housing, Equipment, and Environment- 1st

Woodland Middle

Honnah Mosley-Performing Arts Vocal- 2nd

Andie Griffin -Crafts -8th

Sarah Holman-Festive Food- 1st

Sammy McClure Middle

Doogan Pike-Sheep and Meat Goats- 3rd

Woodland High

Amelia Payne-Conservation of Natural Resources-1st & Water Wise Scholarship

Sam Payne-Target Sports- 1st

Cayla Candelas-Health- 8th

Zoree Griffin-Entomology 5th

Ericson Mosley- Performing arts Instrumental- 3rd

Home School

Lindsey Craven-Art and Crafts-3rd

Benjamin Craven-Communications-3rd

Isaac Streetman- Performing Arts General- 2nd

Jacob Paige-Physical- Biological, and Earth Science -3rd

JD Paige-Safety- 9th

Matthew Shockey-Performing Arts Instrumental-4th

Jacob Shockey- Physical, Biological, and Earth Science- 4th

Sydney Cook-Horse 12th

Josh Drexler-Outdoor Recreation -1st

Kaydee Huskins- Marine and Coastal Ecology- 4th

Alexis Hurtado- Dog Care and Training- 3rd

Gabriel Craven- Computer Information Technology -2nd

Bethany Craven- Crafts- 7th

Madeline Wertz- Crafts -4th

Anna Hughes- Health- 1st

Luci Paige-Target Sports- 3rd