AVATRON Concept and Development Attract Widespread Attention and Support from

Investment Community, Georgia Stakeholders, and Movie Studios


Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA – (Nov.2, 2015) – AVATRON’s principal partners James Ram, originator; David C Garrett, experienced developer; and Jo Ram, technology innovator, announce large-scale amusement complex called AVATRON Park located just outside Atlanta following a recently inked Lionsgate partnership. 


“We are proud to introduce AVATRON Park to the great state of Georgia and American audiences everywhere,” said James Ram, vice chairman. “We are pushing the thresholds of location-based entertainment storytelling like never before, thanks, in part, to our unique combination of experienced creative leadership and technology integration expertise. We look forward to sharing this game-changing experience with future guests.” 


The AVATRON development concept is a next generation theme park built on the crossroads of where entertainment meets fantasy and perception becomes reality. The partners are focused on creating an interactive theme park with user-centered design and technology to provide a fully immersive experience. This theme park complex is geared for the 21st century with the hallmark of seamlessly embedded technology that raises the bar on every level.     


Park attractions will feature a broad range of multimedia and multiformat offerings with unique combinations of new content, Hollywood storytelling, and cutting-edge special effects. AVATRON aims to set a new standard for the theme park industry by creating attractions that react and respond to guests in a personalized manner.


“Perhaps what sets AVATRON apart  is the highly individualized experience we are creating for the end-user. Our interactive platforms cannot be replicated to scale inside the home. The goal is to deliver the most technologically advanced and real-time socially engaged, entertainment experience,” said Jo Ram, AVATRON president. 


Attractions in development for the park will include newly created intellectual property along with high-profile gaming and movie industry IP including Lionsgate’s cultural phenomenon, The Hunger Games. Lionsgate has announced its licensing, for the first time in North America, of Hunger Games, Step Up and Now You See Me franchises as part of their partnership agreement with AVATRON. “The innovative storytelling platforms we offer provide different ways and dimensions for fans of all three franchises to continue and extend their personal engagement,” said Jo Ram.       


Since project inception and preliminary financing began, AVATRON’s partners have been met with strong receptivity for the project. AVATRON Chairman & CEO, David C Garrett, attributes this to  long standing relationships, project viability, positive and long-term economic impact to the state of Georgia, and the creative leadership team they’ve assembled. 


“AVATRON Park isn’t a hard sell when you look at audience and tourism trends, economic projections, and future job creation scenarios congruent to the entertainment experience we have to offer. I speak for all three partners in saying that our community stewardship and ability to be a good neighbor is as important to us as any other development component, ” said David C Garrett. “We want AVATRON to benefit Georgia, entertain the masses, and inspire the next generation of experiential entertainment.”