The Adairsville Unified Zoning Board met for their monthly meeting this week where they only heard one case.

This case was a text amendment submitted by the city of Adairsville to section 47-134 (d)(1) of the Adairsville Code of ordinances. This requested change is to the regulation of uses within the Adairsville Downtown Development Authority Overlay District.

This section in the code of ordinances currently states Notwithstanding the permitted uses and special uses sections of the zoning districts established in this chapter, the following uses as defined shall not be permitted within the overlay district boundaries. This is the list of items that follows.

  • vapor shops
  • tattoo or piercing parlors
  • massage parlors
  • pawn shops
  • gas stations
  • group homes, intermediate care, nursing homes and personal care homes
  • animal hospitals, veterinarians and kennels
  • drive in restaurants
  • drive in theaters
  • or launderette or washeteria.

One of the questions posed was if there were currently any legal non-conforming use of businesses already in the district. It was stated that there was currently one. In addition to that if this text amendment passes the city council no business would be allowed to get a special use permit. They would be restricted to what they could open under this code.

The board determined that drug stores under the proposal should be removed and allowed to operate. Which was put into the motion and approved, removing drug stores from the list of not permitted uses in the DDA overlay district.

*This story came from the minutes from this meeting, which have not yet been approved.