A man already booked into the Bartow County jail receives additional charges for beating a fellow inmate and biting a portion of his ear off.  According to BCSO reports, an inmate with physical injuries was moved to another cell bock due to an altercation with 34-year-old Eric William Weller.  Sunday, December 2nd, around 3 p.m. officers spoke with the victim whose face was swelling and his ear was disfigured.  He initially told officers that he fell in the shower the night before.  Jail staff viewed video showing Weller and the victim sitting at a table, they left the table and went to another room and began to fight; they went to another room where the fight continued.  According to the report, Weller bit off a portion of the victim’s ear; seriously injuring and disfiguring the ear.    The victim also had face and back injuries.  Officers secured a warrant for Weller and charged him with riot in a penal intuition, battery and parole violation.  He was arrested in February and charged with possession of meth and less than an ounce of marijuana.  Officers attempted to interview him about the fight but he declined to provide a statement.