Through the Georgia Scholar program, the georgia Department of education identifies and honors high school seniors who have achieved excellence in school and community life. Anna Rogers of Cartersville High was named a Georgia Scholar.  She plans a career in the medical field.  Anna is also a Cartersville Rotary Club Star Student, she received the highest  SAT score at Cartersville High School.  Her parents are Lee and Jason Rogers

According to a press release, Students eligible for Georgia Scholar recognition are high school seniors who exhibit excellence in all phases of school life, in community activities, and in the home. Georgia Scholars are student’s who have carried exemplary course loads during the four years of high school; who performed excellently in all courses; who successfully participated in interscholastic events at their schools and in their communities; and who have assumed active roles in extracurricular activities sponsored by their schools. Each Georgia Scholar receives a seal for his or her diploma.