Ashlea Nicole Chadwick Payne

Bartow County deputies were dispatched to the area of Spruce Lane and Dolphin Drive in Cartersville last Sunday in reference to a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle.

The suspected vehicle was found at a Spruce Lane residence. The alleged victim was located in the woods near the intersection. He explained that he left the residence on foot as a result of a domestic dispute and his girlfriend Ashlea Payne attempted to strike him with her vehicle several times before she returned to the residence.

The victim had blood smeared on his face and a minor cut on his right knee from the incident. He refused medical services.

Upon entering the residence, they found Payne in a back bathroom with four juveniles. She was bleeding from a severe laceration on her right hand.

Payne admitted that she barricaded the front door in an attempt to prevent her boyfriend from leaving the residence. She stated she had stabbed the wall with a knife out of anger and her hand slid down to the blade, which caused the cut. She denied ever leaving the residence or attempting to strike her boyfriend with her vehicle.

A witness said she saw a gray SUV attempt to strike a male in the intersection, miss, back up, and hit him the second time before driving back to the residence.

Blood was found on the vehicle.

Ashlea Payne was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and criminal trespass.