Rome – August 11, 2014

This summer the University of West Georgia (UWG), in partnership with Georgia Highlands College (GHC), implemented a new “West in 30” program. This program is designed for freshmen applicants who do not meet freshmen admission requirements at the UWG. This program provides students that do not meet the freshman admissions requirement at UWG to transfer their application materials directly to GHC and be considered for admissions. Students can begin their college career at GHC, which does not require SAT/ACT scores for general admission, and then earn a minimum of 30 transferable hours before being eligible to transfer to UWG. Students may also remain at GHC to earn their associate’s degrees before transferring to UWG. For those who choose to participate in the program, there are many benefits:

  • No additional application process for GHC.
  • No additional application fee.
  • Personalized advising to assist them with the courses they need to transfer to UWG.
  • No additional application fees required to transfer from GHC to UWG.

West in 30 students will have a personal transfer advisor assigned to them from UWG and that advisor will visit the student’s on a regular basis to be sure they are on track to transfer.

“GHC is pleased to strengthen our relationship with UWG even further with this unique enrollment program. West in 30 provides a clear pathway back to UWG, saves them time and money, and allows GHC the ability to strengthen their academic credentials so that they transfer into their college of choice,” stated Dr. Todd Jones, GHC Vice President for Student Affairs

“We’re beyond thrilled to be able to partner with Georgia Highlands College and West Georgia Technical College on this unique opportunity in order to give students the direction and guidance necessary to make their dream of attending UWG a reality,” added Katie Taylor, UWG assistant director of admissions.

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