A man convicted of child molestation on May 20th, is sentenced in Bartow Superior Court.

Chief Judge David Smith imposed upon Michael Andrew Patterson  a total  sentence of THIRTY  (30) YEARS — to serve TWELVE  (12) YEARS INCARCERATED – the remainder to serve on probation, during which PATTERSON  must (1) register as a sex offender,(2) have no contact with the victim or witnesses and (3) abide by all required  sex offender guidelines.



A woman charged with vehicular homicide is sentenced in Bartow Superior Court.

Judge Smith imposed upon Michelle Lea Staples a total  sentence of FIFTEEN (15) YEARS — to serve Four (4) years incarcerated – WHICH —  incarceration time was suspended — with the exception of 90 DAYS – that will be served incarcerated at the Bartow County Jail on Weekends –  the remaining time to be served on probation –conditioned upon STAPLES  completing (1) 1,000 HOURS of Community Service, (2) Payment of $2,000.00 in fines plus additional surcharges (3) Enter into DUI Risk Reduction and Substance Abuse Evaluation Programs,  completing any recommended treatment(s).