On Wednesday, December 21st, BCSO deputies were dispatched to 6209 Christopher Place in Acworth in reference to a possible burglary that just occurred. while en route, it was found that shots had been fired and someone had been injured.

upon the officer’s arrival, a Hispanic male was lying in the front yard of the residence with gunshot wounds to his lower extremities.

one complainant stated that the Hispanic male was unknown and walked into his residence without permission and walked out of the residence after being confronted. The complainant watched the man go onto a neighbor’s porch and attempt to enter the front door. after confronting the man again he became agitated and tried to fight with the complainant. The complainant then had a friend arrive at the scene, who tried to break up the fight, but the man then tried to enter his vehicle. after being confronted again, the man grabbed the second complainant’s throat and attempted to take his gun, but the second complainant fired four rounds at the male’s lower body before the gun could be taken.

The second complainant stated that he was worried the man may attempt to kill him so he fired one shot between his legs. when he realized the male was not stopping, he fired three more rounds into the male’s lower body because he did not want to kill him.

Despite charges on the report, the offender remains unnamed.