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The Chic-Fil-A van stolen from the Cartersville restaurant Sunday evening was involved in a hit and run accident in Acworth Wednesday.    The restaurant offered a reward of free food for a year to the person offering information on the crime.  According to Cartersville Police reports, the van struck a vehicle parked in a driveway in a residential neighborhood Wednesday morning in Acworth (on the Cobb County side).  There was moderate damage to the victim’s vehicle, and moderate to extensive damage to the stolen van. The homeowner came outside and observed the damage to his vehicle, found the van abandoned in the roadway, and called police.  Acworth Police have determined that the van was stolen during the hit and run investigation and contacted CPD.  Any evidence available is being collected and at this time the unidentified suspect (s) are still at large.  Police have surveillance video of a young white male walking around the restaurant’s parking lot before the van disappeared Sunday.