Chattahoochee Technical College officials recently announced Cartersville resident Melanie Lambert has been hired to head the college’s Chattahoochee Tech Foundation. Responsible for the administration of and operations of the foundation, Lambert will work to support the mission and vision of the college through scholarships, grants and financial support for programs. However, she said she believes that the role of the Chattahoochee Tech Foundation goes beyond that.

“I believe that the Foundation must serve as a champion for the College and work to educate the community about its mission and vision,” said Lambert. “I also firmly believe that the Foundation must serve as a connection between the students, faculty, and staff and the donors who provide the critical funding necessary to make the mission a reality. People give to people, and it is our job to connect both sides of the philanthropic relationship.”

Lambert holds a degree in communication from Reinhardt University where she began her career in the Development Office at Reinhardt University in 2007. Most recently she served as the Senior Associate Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations at Emory University.  Working in the university’s central stewardship office, her responsibilities included providing annual endowment fund reports to donors, developing comprehensive department and individual stewardship plans and ensuring that donated funds were being used appropriately.

The avid Atlanta Braves fan said she was interested in Chattahoochee Tech because, living in the area and having gone to college nearby; she knew that CTC has such a huge impact on the area it serves.

“I was interested in working to engage students who may not be aware of the amount of philanthropy that goes into their higher education experience here at CTC,” said Lambert.  “And I was fascinated by the relationship that CTC has with the businesses in the North Georgia area. When I learned that there would be a lot of room for me to be creative in how we went about raising funds for the college and how we engaged students, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the growth of the Foundation.”

Lambert plans to start her role by working to educate students about development and the Foundation at all of the campuses and create a culture of philanthropy.

“When students find out that their scholarships are funds provided by people and businesses in our community, they want to show their gratitude,” she explained.  “I want the Foundation to provide them with every opportunity to connect with donors. This, in turn, creates engaged alumni who know the value and need for their own support in the future. I also plan to develop a strong stewardship plan which will create opportunities for the Foundation to show our appreciation for CTC donors. I also plan to increasingly engage businesses in our community that benefit from the skilled workforce that graduate or receive certifications from CTC every year. I’d like to partner with them to provide scholarships, additional needs for the classroom, and other needs.”

For more information on the Chattahoochee Tech Foundation, call 770-528-4522 or visit