Julian Delmont Rockett

A local man was arrested Monday afternoon after being wanted for multiple felonies for almost six months. 21-year-old Julian Delmont Rockett of Acworth was booked into the Bartow County Jail for kidnapping, aggravated stalking, burglary, two counts of felony terroristic threats and acts, and misdemeanor failure to appear.

A complainant advised that all night between July 10th and 11th, she and a roommate heard what sounded like tapping on the side of her residence on Staton Place near Acworth. She stated at around eight a.m., they heard it again. The roommate went outside and observed Julian Rockett standing in the driveway.

The complainant advised she and Rockett broke up the month before due to a family violence incident that occurred in another county. She said Rockett would not move on and continue to call her.

She advised when Rockett observed the front door was open, he began to run towards the front door. She stated she attempted to close the door, but Rockett was able to push it enough to place half of his body between the door and door frame.

She stated Rockett said he only wanted to talk and that he wouldn’t hurt her. She advised Rockett was mad because she wouldn’t answer the phone when he called. She told him to go outside and when he began to move, she tried to close the door again. She advised he grabbed her by her hair, pulled her from the residence to the porch, and would not let go.

The roommate advised she was standing on the porch, witnessed the incident, and yelled at Rockett to let her go. She stated Rockett let go, walked over to her, and said if this relationship couldn’t continue further, he was going to kill her and then the complainant. The roommate advised both she and the complainant were able to run inside and lock the door. She said they observed Rockett running around the house several times before they lost visual.

A third witness observed the incident and corroborated the story.

Julian Rockett is currently in the Bartow County Jail with no bond offer at this time.

Rockett was also booked into the Bartow County Jail on October 23rd 2018 for two counts of battery, aggravated stalking, two counts of terroristic threats and acts, and three counts of felony obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers for a similar incident. He had been issued a no contact order on November 13th, 2018 for the aforementioned victim and was released the next day on two bonds totaling $25,000.