A man is wanted in Bartow County after calling dispatch to say that he was entrapped in his vehicle that was on fire. The caller, whom authorities believe is 20-year-old Jarrod Harlow of Clinton Massachusetts, stated he hit a tree, was in and out of consciousness due to smoke in the vehicle, and was bleeding from the head. He also said his two-year-old daughter was in the floorboard and not breathing.

Dispatch first pinged his phone in the area of exit 296 on I-75. After losing contact, they then got a signal in the area of exit 290. BCSO deputies checked I-75 from exit 306 to exit 278 with no avail.

Dispatch later learned that Cherokee and Cobb counties also received the same type of call. In finding out that the phone number belonged to Harlow, Clinton Massachusetts Police stated that they had received calls from Ohio to Florida stating that Harlow was doing the same thing.

The unlawful 911 call and statements caused nine BCSO vehicles, two Adairsville Police vehicles, two Cartersville Police vehicles, one Emerson Police vehicle, seven county and Cartersville fire department vehicles, three county EMS vehicles, and two air ambulance helicopters to be involved in the search for the crashed vehicle.

Jarrod Harlow is wanted in Bartow County for false statements, false report of a fire, false call for EMS, and an unlawful 911 call.