Robert Lee Myers

An attempted traffic stop for a third brake light being out on Saturday afternoon led to a high-speed chase.

A male driving a silver Dodge Caravan sped off south on Road 2 South and started driving on the opposite side of the road traveling at over 100 miles-per-hour. The Caravan then drove west over the center line down Mission Road and north on Road 3 South.

The pursuing deputy attempted a PIT maneuver, but the driver tried to hit him. The driver then started traveling west on Sugar Valley Road with speeds in excess of 90 miles-per-hour. The Caravan almost hit another vehicle while turning south on Hardin Bridge Road.

Another PIT maneuver was attempted after crossing the bridge over the Etowah River, but the caravan cut the deputy off again.

The caravan turned west on Jones Slough Road. Another PIT maneuver was attempted and the driver tried to strike the deputy again. The Caravan was traveling at speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour before driving into a field behind a residence. The driver successfully fled on foot.

A female passenger identified her husband, Robert Lee Myers of Acworth as the driver. She said she kept telling him to stop, but Myers dumped a beer on her head and told her to shut up.

Robert Lee Myers was arrested on Monday morning and charged with driving while his license was suspended or revoked, reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, and driving an unsafe or improperly equipped vehicle.