John James Ford

A tense terroristic incident was resolved without injury early Saturday morning.

A woman ran to a neighboring residence on Penny Court near Cartersville because she said her husband, 61-year-old John James Ford, had a handgun and told her that he was going to kill her. She also said if she called law enforcement he would kill them as well.

She told a responding deputy that Ford had been drinking and was verbally abusing her. She said he then retrieved his handgun and her pistol and placed her pistol on a coffee table. He allegedly said he wished she picked up her gun so he could say she threatened him and that’s why he shot her.

It was when she went to the neighboring residence that Ford told her if she called the police, he would put a bullet in her head as well as a bullet in each of the police officers’ heads that showed up. The threat was captured on a recorded line, dated and timed to match the incident.

While some deputies were there, Ford was seen walking towards the neighboring residence where his wife was with a long rifle strapped to his chest. Once multiple deputies told him to drop the gun, Ford retreated into his residence, shut the door, and closed all of the blinds.

Almost two hours after the incident started, Ford eventually exited his house and surrendered without further incident. He was charged with felony terroristic threats and acts and was released Monday afternoon on an unspecified cash bond.